Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Mighty Quinn

I'm blessed with great trading pals and don't always feel deserving of the awesomeness that arrives in mailers and boxes.  Does this mean I feel deserving at times??  Why certainly, at least around the holidays.  

Quinn has been sending packages with great regularity, easily identified among other items in the mailbox.  They've been covered in small 'fatheads' and glow star stickers but on this occasion, the mailer was plain. The contents held another package containing a unique box topper, truly one of the highlights of this trade. 

Underneath was yet another box which at first glance I thought might be a happy meal.

No - it's taffy!  Except it wasn't taffy.  {Where do you find these boxes Quinn?} Right on top were a couple of graded 90s Pudge:

Along with a couple of homemade fat packs hitting up my player collections.  Here's a sampling of these paper goods:

Two of my favorite Yankees.

Altuve, Posey and Scherzer.  

Cards with interchangeable player heads!  Finally, something new and refreshing from Topps!  I gave Marichal a little makeover.

I'm among the crowd happy for Ivan's election to the Hall and was fortunate to attend many of his games in Arlington.   I find it somewhat odd that he and my all time favorite catcher Daulton, both won their only rings with the Marlins.  Obviously Pudge had the better career.  He is currently the all time leader in putouts as a catcher. 

Quinn included Topps Tek for Pudge, Miggy and Fulmer.   These are super cards to find within a trade.  I'll never purchase them. Lots on ebay aren't cheap either.  It takes special kind of insanity to assemble this set with its variations from hell-o!   Fess up  - how many of you are that crazy?

Fulmer in high-numbered black attire.

As much as I liked GQ base this year, the green parallels are even sweeter.  Old Ty is numbered/99

Q has taken to finding new Piazzas for my growing hoard.  I do have a couple of these.  The 93 Ultra will move to my catcher collection.  93 Donruss starts my new mini-collection of floating bats.  I can't resist this urge any longer.  There is something magical within a photo that captures a bat suspended mid-air. 

In all, there were 25 different Piazzas.  I mentioned the box-topper only to save it for last.  This card is gorgeous and all mine! 

1997 Score Reserve Collection #501 Mike Piazza GY Artist Proof

I had a good time going through this package.  Every time I see Quinn in the return address, my thoughts always go to the classic Manfred Mann recording of the Bob Dylan song...


Monday, August 7, 2017

Thank You Dutch

This morning I awoke to the news of Darren's passing.  Thank you Twitter, for making me cry. Dutch was my first PC guy and will always be one of my favorite players to collect.   I had an opportunity to meet him many years ago and shared my Daulton story here.    Darren could not have been more kind.  His stats are easily found elsewhere so this post is a simple tribute.  I have most all his cards; elusive parallels aside.  Here's a selection of favorites from the Dutch Binder. 

1994 Triple Play

1992 Ultra

1993 Donruss Elite

1996 Stadium Club

1995 Donruss

1993 Finest Refractor

1992 Pinnacle

1992 Score

1995 UD Special Edition Foil
Thank you Dutch.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

North Pole Express

Is it John or Kenny Rogers?  Only Santa knows for sure and I doubt he's talkin.'    While the reindeer frolic on the beach, Santa is enjoying a summer's day  nap.  He's been a busy man,  keeping postal clerks working those long Christmas-time hours...IN JULY!

Santa thought I'd been pretty good this year and chose to reward me early, before I had a chance to screw up the remainder of 2017.  He checked my list and found many Tiger Team sets missing.  His elves stuffed a priority mailer with at least 200 cards!

86 Leaf and 82 OPC -   Leaf  and OPC sets to complete!  I owned one OPC card.  These three are over-the-top awesome!  I get it now!  I had to own a few to get a clue!  Great additions to my team sets!  

An 87 Donruss set I knew nothing of - Opening Day.  I like the maroon-brownish borders.  I'm not sure what color they are but certainly a refreshing change.

2000 Upper Deck - a high end look and feel for base cards.  Blue and copper tones are extremely appealing to my eyes.  A couple of  good catcher shots there too.  I always purchased UD base so there's no reason for me not to own these cards.  I expect the market glut kept me from buying more than a pack or two.  I wanted everything that came out in those days and likely sampled a bit of all offered.

In 1981, The Detroit News released a boxed set The Boys of Summer 100th Anniversary to celebrate a centennial of professional baseball in Detroit.  The set includes All Time Greats, Championship pictures, headlines etc.  I'm fortunate to own all the cards but for Cochrane.  This Norm Cash from John goes into the PC!

2016 Donruss Optic was a pricey version of Chrome.  I picked up a few cards in an Ebay lot to satisfy my need for these.  The black border Kinsler/199 is a sharp-looking card as is the pink prizmy Upton.

2017 Bunt with parallels and an Infinite insert looking very much like Studio of old!

2017 Ginter mini [Maartinez has an A&G backside] and Archives: so far - thanks to the trading community - I've had no need to purchase them!

John included an old press guide from 1992.

This was fun to look over.  I was quite taken by the ticket prices.  Who doesn't miss the days of $12.50 box seats  and  pins, gloves, and baseball giveaways?  Campbell's Soup Famous Chicken Day - now that's a sponsorship!

1987 Boardwalk and Baseball - the fat B/B logo  and pink and black borders of these cards screamed purchase!  I now own a set!    It was a one time issue produced by Topps for a theme park in Florida, not too far from Disney.  You can read about it here.

2003 Fleer Hardball - I was excited to find these!  Looking over prices on ebay made me happy to own a few Tigers!

How about this for old, cool and oddball? Collectors Quarterly was offered in 1975. Contents included articles on collecting, trading, and autographs plus perforated SSPC cards for the tearing and ripping apart.  I'm not sure how this card fits with the magazine except for advertising purposes.  Very unique item for my collection!

2003 Fan Favorites - the name says everything.  Classic Tiger faves including beloved Ernie Harwell.  Seeing the smiling face of Mark Fidrych made this gal's heart quite happy.

In June, John posted cards for music lovers.  Although I didn't comment, John knew I would love having one of these:

Oh yeah, I want it!   I also love cats so this is a purrfect choice!  From 1978, going into the 70s binder.   Time to close this out with one more card, I'd never seen.  From 2003 Fleer Fall Classic:

 It was a sharing challenge, choosing from so many cards new to my collection.  Seriously, I needed  all but a few.  Merry Christmas John!  Please check out Johnny's Trading Spot.  It's wacky! 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Across the Sea, Off the Wall

Our hobby can take a good bit of time when done well: updating want lists, sharing cards, organizing cards, updating the want list.  When I read of other bloggers behind on their scanning, sharing, sorting and updating, it makes me feel a bit better.  I am not alone in the pursuit of a perfectly organized collection!  I shared here recently regarding my hobby makeover.  One thing I've neglected is updating my wantlist tab,  Collecting These Boys.   For now, this list is current!  I'll be moving my completed sets to a new tab as soon as I remember how to create and make the tab visible.  It's been a couple of years since I've done it!  Fortunately, I'm no longer years behind {felt like it at times} sharing the great incoming packages from this spring.

Kevin le' Papoy, oui.  He makes us smile, purchasing cards on the internet and paying extra for shipping to France.  He sorts and repackages these then sends them back across the ocean into our mailboxes.  He's different like that, a very special guy.  When he isn't sunning himself by the pool, he's working on his own collections. 

image courtesy of The Card Papoy
Kevin sent a thoughtful package early this spring, helping to ease the winter doldrums.  Spring arrives fairly late to Michigan -  a state uninfluenced by calendars, the Solstice etc.

That's some sweet 99 Stadium Club right there!  Piazza among my Tigers, all sharp and colorful.

Front and center is Gehringer #/325 from 2013 Cooperstown.  2008 Baseball Heroes Martinez relic, 2008 US Game Jersey Ordonez.  These five were among several relics and autos packaged up specifically for me.  That's how Kevin shops.  He never fails to include relics and.or autos in the mix with some great cards.   I owe you a nice package.  I'll be sure to include some sunscreen!

It may have been a few months since I received this box of cards from Shane but his generosity is not forgotten!

Inside were at least one hundred right off my want list, all eager to be invited to live among their brethren in team bags and binders.  Looking at these photos again, I still can't believe how many cards I was able to mark off!  Here's a small sampling of the goods:

2005 Topps

2003 Topps

1988 and 1986 Fleer

2006 Topps

Heritage from 2007, 2012, 2013

Heritage  2010, 2011
Shane included an assortment of autos.  A couple of these players are more well-known like Inge and Weaver - and Brad Ausmus .  Oh Brad.  I don't know how to feel about you these days. I trusted you. I can't say you've betrayed me.  And maybe I'm at fault, having too many expectations.  But where's the fire in your belly?   Why all the indecision?   Someone has to shoulder the blame.   Mr. I  died and took the team with him.   Such a sad year for Tigers Baseball.  Brad, I don't think I'll write you anymore.   You won't even notice.

This card was the gem of the box!  1969 Topps in gorgeous condition!   Only one remains to complete my team set for this year.

This box of cards was definitely Off the Wall, the contents so unexpected!  Thanks Shane!  You'll be hearing from me soon!

Only a couple of shares to go and this gal is up-to-date!

Yes. I own this album.